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Think Tank Waukegan is a program comprised of business professionals and partnering agencies, designed to provide support to businesses in need of immediate strategic direction, advice, and guidance.  The intent of the program is to strengthen the capacity of an individual or organization by providing timely assistance for an immediate issue.  The advisors provide this service to participants as a service to the community.

Week One

requires the business to detail its business model and provide the advisors with a general understanding of operations. Next, the business will detail any current issues confronting the business, along with any efforts to overcome those barriers.

Week Two

the program requires advisors to meet independently of the business to review the initial consultation, discuss the situation, and recommend possible solutions or tactics to overcome the issues confronting the business.

Week three

the group meets once again to provide final recommendations for overcoming obstacles. Recommendations are solution based and are meant to be practical and actionable steps the business can take to overcome the problem.



This service lasts approximately three weeks, or three sessions, for each individual business but can be extended depending on the level of assistance the business needs.  This service is valued at over $1200 per 3 week session.

Program Impact

Since program inception in July of 2013, the Think Tank program has worked with more than 125 businesses providing assistance ranging from management to sales and marketing.


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