Fast Forward

Phase 3: Growing a Company

Jack'sĀ beanstalk required a lot of water

or maybe just some magic

Admissions Criteria

  • Founder must own, have licensed, or be working on a unique, viable business concept
  • Company must be shipping product/service OR if in a regulated industry that requires trials, must be in trials
  • Company must have less than $5 million in sales
  • Sign the client engagement agreement

Program Objectives

  • Work with executive coaches to identify challenges and opportunities
  • Develop strategies around capitalizing on opportunities
  • Align resources with desired outcomes
  • Expand manufacturing practices and Quality systems
  • Implement business development strategies (i.e. sales channel development, direct sales, social media sales, etc.)
  • Explore geographically diverse opportunities
  • Build their management team

Graduation Criteria

Fast Forward is an open-ended program with no graduation requirement. Program entry and exit is based on meeting established goals and objectives.

Client Benefit

  • One-on-one meetings as needed not to exceed 40 hours per quarter
  • Introductions to potential mentors, advisers, and collaborators
  • Skills training to engage potential stakeholders
  • Free use of The Hub's facilities (conference rooms, open work space, etc.)

Program Fee: $1,500 per Quarter

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