Smart Start

Phase 2: Launching a Company

If only the hare was smarter

Admissions Criteria

  • Founder must own, have licensed, or be working on a unique, viable business concept
  • Founder must attend meetings with our mentors
  • Founder must sign client agreement

Program Objectives

  • Maintain a business road map with key milestones
  • Understand the basics of business structure
  • Become a company, corporation, or LLC
  • Develop a minimal viable product and test the marketplace

Graduation Criteria

  • Client must have founded a company
  • Client must continue process of identifying and protecting IP
  • Client must launch a product of service

Graduation Incentives

  • Clients who graduate within 18 months of starting the program will be accepted into the Fast Forward Program
  • Will receive $1,500 credit towards the Fast Forward Program

Program Fee of $1,000 per quarter

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